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Metropolitan Community Church of Baltimore

"Divinely Positioned to Make a Difference!"

We are an open and affirming Christian Church proclaiming God's LOVE to ALL people!
Whosoever Will, Let Them Come! 

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Who is Responsible for Your Happiness?

Grammy-award winning Pharrell Williams – pop artist, songwriter, and musician – struck a chord with the world with his iconic hit song “Happy.” Believe it or not, people’s lives were transformed at the beat of that song. No matter ones culture, beliefs, sex, gender, orientation, mood, or status – the song ruminated in folks’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Some churches worldwide incorporated this song into their worship services.


To be happy means to be cheerful and excited. There is an existential exchange taking place within. Happiness plays a major role in one’s chosen mode of moral awareness. Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary states that happy means to be blissful or “blessed.”  I am reminded of the beginning of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12).  Jesus gives his “inaugural address.” He begins by addressing the masses – “Blessed are…Read More

Youth and Young Adult Sunday
Fourth Sundays

Every Fourth Sunday is Youth and Young Adult Sunday!

Join us in support of our youth and young adults! Invite a friend! You don't want to miss your blessing!
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